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Our NoviSmart® services at a glance:
We create digital experiences for brands communicating the unique services provided to your customers.


We are a team of professionals and experts helping businesses evolve into modern intelligent and connected fields of operation

custom design

We believe in order to use your data effectively and efficiently, software has to be user friendly with an appealing design. Therefore, we create with our dedicated designers, software with a clear focus on usability.


Complex technical combinations are our core competences. We are a team of professionals and experts helping businesses evolve into modern intelligent and connected fields of operation.

who we are?

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We develop websites and applications for future applications and hence we prepare our customers for all the challenges that will come along in digital age of the future.


The principal of our design lies in coherence and composition of the products and services we deliver. Satisfying our customers with user friendly and effective design is one of the core goals we aim to achieve.


In a world with limited time resources it is crucial to communicate with impact that is why we have developed the advanced and effective digital marketing tools for our customers. Whether you are looking for landing pages, banners or other implementations we can provide you with custom made solutions. Years of international experience are the basis of understanding and implementing the valuable ideas and products of our customers into effective marketing tools for the digital age.


Using the internet on the go is the largest trend is our field of operation. Depending on the focus and needs of your business we are providing the best possible solutions for mobile applications across all established operating systems. We focus especially on the business driven value creation of implementing your services into an application and help you find the best solution for your needs.

our team

Always strive for better work. Never stop learning. Have fun.


Founder & CMO

Dr. David F. J. Campbell

Advisory Academic Research Council (AARC)


Founder & COO



We dedicate all of our power and expertise to creating and innovating all of our products and solutions for our customers in the most professional and advanced way. Creating a real comparative advantage by implementing NoviSmart tools is our goal on the market and should support all of our customers.

We really believe that a world in coherence with technical innovation and ever growing mobility will change the way humans and businesses interact with each other. The focus of innovation and development should be on creation technologies that will transfer the way we perceive the world to higher levels never expected before.

The mission of NoviSmart is to deliver the best and highest quality products in the age of mobility and technical innovation. We see ourselves as innovators, indicating the way where future is going for our clients and businesses in the current macroeconomic surrounding.

Customers and clients

As we highly prioritize customer service in all our projects we have a very satisfying and positive feedback that we want to share.

OUR partners and products

We are proud to display some of our own products and business partners.